New Pomi-T

New Pomi-T® 2016

Dear Customer, exciting news regarding Pomi-T.

From January 2016 we will be gradually introducing a new improved vegetarian capsule version of Pomi-T.
This version will be made in partnership with Helsinn Integrative Care, a leading Swiss Group focused on building quality cancer care.
The partnership will ensure the continued high quality of Pomi-T while keeping up with the growing worldwide demand.
The Pomi-T packaging will be standardised, to ensure a single recognisable product available globally.
Over this transitional period there will be a phasing out of the existing supply of gelatine capsules in the red and white pots.

Pomi-T® is rich in plant polyphenols and phytochemicals found naturally within four whole foods

Pomi-T ingredients
The completely natural ingredients have been purified, concentrated and skillfully blended.

The Pomi-T® capsules do not contain any colours, preservatives or flavourings.

Unlike some other supplements, every ingredient has been responsibly sourced and checked for authenticity and purity.

The manufactures are UK, EU and USA Food and Drug Agency compliant and registered.

The New Pomi-T Supplement

Pomi-T® – The Rationale

Pomi-T® was designed by a team of health experts after an extensive review of the international laboratory and clinical scientific literature. They combined foods from different categories (fruit, vegetable, spice and leaf) in order to provide a range of polyphenols, each with their unique properties, whilst at the same time avoiding over-consumption of one particular type.

Pomi-T® is not a medicinal product, but is was tested in the most robust of scientific trials – a double blind, RCT. The trial was peer reviewed by the National Research Institute, governed by the UK National Research Network . The study or its investigators received no commercial sponsorship.

The result of this ground-breaking study were announced at ASCO® , as one of only ten full oral presentations in its section, a reflection of the importance and significance of these findings. (Download the full academic papers 2014, 2015).

New IPhone App

PSA IPhone App

Measure your PSA doubling time. It is much more accurate to look at differences in PSA rather than a specific level (the PSA doubling time).
There are complex calculation available but we have developed an iphone app which allows you to calculate your PSA doubling time between two time points.
Over time, the app allows you to plot a graph which allows you to easily see whether you are responding to a lifestyle programme. This graph can be printed or sent by email to a physician.

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Taking Pomi-T® with a good quality fish oil tablet may increase the absorption of turmeric.

A regular intake of probiotic bacteria is known to help restore or maintain the correct balance in the gut.

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